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Evelina Shamarova

Evelina Shamarova

Порту, Португалия / день рождения 4 января 1974 г.
в беге: любитель
06.11.2011 Порту, Португалия   марафон  03:09:41 4е место (женщины)  
25.09.2011 Берлин   марафон  03:10:50 1 час 31 мин полумарафон 
10.04.2011 Милан, Италия   марафон  03:14:49 Milano City Marathon .. run fast, live cool ;) 
20.03.2011 Лиссабон   полумарафон  01:33:17  
13.03.2011 Порту, Португалия   10 км  00:41:43 Corrida Dia do Pai 
01.12.2010 Marinha Grande, Португалия   полумарафон  01:35:18  
07.11.2010 Порту, Португалия   марафон  03:24:52 Ветер помешал ... 
12.09.2010 Москва   марафон  03:28:13 Could be better ... 
12.06.2010 Rovaniemi, Finland   марафон  03:34:04 My first marathon ... 
Evelina Shamarova Evelina Shamarova
20.02.2011 17:27

"Spirit of the Marathon" quotes

"It's a physical challenge for sure, but it's also a mental challenge. It's fighting through those walls you don't think you can fight through it. It's what the marathon teaches you, it teaches you to keep going." -- Ryan Bradley



"You triumph over the adversity, that's what the marathon all about, and therefore, you know, there isn't anything in life you cannot triumph over after that" -- Kathrine Switzer



"Sometimes the moments that challenge us the most, define us" -- Deena Kastor



"There are people who are competing in marathons and there are people who are completing marathons, and the beauty is the sport is big enough to embrace us all" -- John Bingham

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